Peer Supervision

The Dreamwork Peer Supervision site is a place for Dreamwork Practitioners to obtain the support of their peers and share information relating to working with dreamers and their dreams.

We appreciate active participation. Because this group discusses, with permission, dreams of those we work with, it is a closed group offering membership to those who are working with dreamers one-on-one or in group settings, who actively participate in our bi-monthly meetings through regular attendance. Folks who discontinue their participation either through direct request or through a lack of participation for more than 6 months will be removed from the access list, but may request to be re-added at any time.

Our current criteria for joining is as follows:

The Peer Supervision Group welcomes active participants and is for anyone who:
* is working with dreams with others, be it with individuals or groups;
* has a desire to be part of the group and to contribute;
* agrees to uphold the confidentiality of the material shared on Dreamwork Peer Supervision site and discussed in the meetings;
* agrees to obtain permission from clients to discuss their work in this group; and
* has reviewed the Association for Dreamwork Practitioners Code of Ethics

We appreciate your care and support in helping us keep the group vibrant, and in honoring our efforts at confidentiality and discretion in managing the group list.

The site may be accessed at: Peer Supervision group site. You may request to join the site by contacting a member of the group or write to us here: Contact Us   Use “Request to join Peer Group” in subject line.