Who we are

The Association of Dreamwork Practitioners is a space for those utilizing dreams and/or dreamwork methods in their healing work with groups or individuals. We offer this site to connect to one another, share best practices, and support the broad effort of bringing dream healing modalities into the consciousness of society.

Our Vision

As devotees and passionate lovers of the dream, we believe the time has come for dreams to take their rightful place as an essential tool for individuals seeking healing, self-understanding, and spiritual awakening. Our vision is to nurture this rebirth of dreams into the world in any way that we can. The current state of this site is intentionally bare, as we hope to continually collaborate and develop our strategy with all of you in the years and months to come.

So far, we have created a Code of Ethics  that speaks specifically to individuals doing one-on-one dreamwork with others. We ask all members of the ADP to agree to follow this code and to make available to any clients/dreamers that they work with.  Additionally, a Peer Supervision Group (google account required) exists to offer peer support to those working with dreamers either as one-on-one practitioners, group leaders, or in other capacities. Contact us for more information.

We hope future projects will include:

  • development of work committees to further the vision of the ADP
  • development of a dreamwork certification program
  • development of a resources & tools for dreamworkers
  • marketing, website development, and social media support
  • a focus on increased membership

Recording from meeting 1/21/16: